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 _______Ear Candling________My name is Marina and my sisters name is Angie, We are both lifeguards & swim instructors. Being this physically active causes major amount of muscle use, resulting in much tense and muscle pain, not to mention, As often as we are in water, This has many times resulted in water in the ears & wax build up. We are fortunate, and relieved when we had experienced an Ear Candle Treatment with Khai. My sister & I both get regular Shiatsu Massage Treatments with Khai, Her massage treatments has helped us just as much, as we now can continue to save lives with her help.
Marina & Angie Cardinal Round Lake Il.

___Hot Rock Therapy____My name is Madeline Caselli and I am a manager at snap fitness in Round Lake. When Khai approached me with the idea to do a Shiatsu Therapy Session with her. I was a little nervous because I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But she took the time to explain everything to me before the session. It was one of the most calming experiences I have ever experienced. I drove all the way home with a smile on my face. I highly recommend Shiatsu Therapy to everyone. Thank You Khai!
Madeline Caselli, Round Lake Il.

We are the Cook family and we have known Khai for over 15 years. Yet, never had we had a Shiatsu Treatment from her. In part, due to mom’s skepticism on the technique and it’s benefits Khai explained to mom that Shiatsu is a pressure point massage therapy ( with principals similar to acupuncture) witch stimulates blood flow while enhancing the immune system. Mom’s response was; “Cool, acupuncture without the needles, why not?- Let’s give it a try!” Still skeptical, by fall 2009 mom finally agree for all six of us get a Shiatsu massage from Khai. And here is what we had to say about it… Anabella age 6 said: Few minutes after her treatment- “ I feel like Khai’s hands are still massaging my back.” Andrhea age 9 while adding: “ My back still tickles.” Amanda age 15: “ I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep and my back is a lot less sore now!” Ashley age 13 agreed and added: “ We should do this more often.” While Dad said: “ I feel more energetic and overall less tense.“ As for mom, she agreed with all of the above and she even said to Khai: “ Let me know the next time you’re free so we can do this again.
”The Cook Family".

Khai and I have been acquainted since her baby was a toddler, he’s 18 now. After I was involved in a motorcycle accident, rear ended by a hit and run automobile, at 52 yrs old, she was extremely instrumental in alleviating much of my pain and limited mobility with her vast knowledge and capabilities in massage, reflexology and acupressure. Even my chiropractor, felt that she was instrumental in my regaining much of my range of motion. As he was able to compare my x-rays before and after the accident and advised me that I had gone from having a healthy spine of a 40 yr old to a spine of a 90 yr old. I am now 60 yrs old and have, regretfully, moved out of state Terri Gengler Tampa Florida




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